SUIPack for Delphi / C++Builder

The lastest version : 6.61, update date: 12 Nov. 2012, see what’s new
(Newly supports RAD Studio XE3, fully supports Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2)

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SUIPack is a suite of real WYSIWYG VCL skin components for Delphi & C++Builder. It provides you the ability to create professionally-UI-designed skin and implementations for your applications. Besides the alternative for standard controls, SUIPack provides more additional controls(E.g. non-rectangular forms, MSN-style popup window, etc.). You will never spend many time on programming skin support.

SUIPack provides more than 60 controls. Place them on a form, then you can see the skinned appearance immediately even at design time. SUIPack has 5 built-in skins and it supports to load outside skin files. It’s real What You See Is What You Get!

SUIPack fully supports Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2 now. It means that you can use all skins of Skin Solutions v2. The professionally-UI-designed skins are mostly designed by our UI artists. Please note, we do not only provide the UI controls, but also UI design! You also can create your own skins with the brand new SkinBuilder tool.

These are snapshots of some skins


For a view of all official skins and third-party skins, please go to Skins Library.

SUIPack is compatible with: RAD Studio XE3/XE2/XE/2010/2009/2007, BDS 2006 (including Turbo edition for Win32), Delphi 5/6/7/2005, C++Builder 5/6.
SUIPack supports all Win32 platforms (Win95 or later, including Windows 10).

If you are using RAD Studio 2007/2009/2010/XE/XE2/XE3, please disable the “runtime themes” option.

What’s the difference between SUIPack and SUISkin?

SUISkin is the easiest way of making an application skinned. SUISkin provides only one component, you don’t need to learn anything about using it. It will make your form skinned automatically. SUISkin just skins the existing controls on the form both the standard controls and the most of third-party controls.

SUIPack is a WYSIWYG skin components package. It provides over 60 skin-supported GUI controls as well as 5 built-in skins. And it also provides some extended GUI controls, E.g. MSN-style popup window, non-rectangular forms, side channel, etc.

In a word, after installing, you can find only one component for SUISkin but more than
60 controls for SUIPack. And SUISkin can skin the controls from third-party but
SUIPack can’t.

Key features

  • 60+ components
  • 5 built-in skins
  • Dozens of professionally-UI-designed official skins from UI artists and a lot of third-party skins
  • Supports to build the skin files into the EXE file
  • What you see(design-time) is what you get(run-time)
  • Provides stable converting tool to transfer your existing project smoothly
  • Provides SkinBuilder tool to create your own skins, with it which supports to load VisualStyle(*.msstyles) files, you can own thousands of skins now!
  • Supports to create non-rectangular forms and controls
  • Support MSN-Style popup window
  • MDI forms supported
  • DB-Aware components with theme’s support
  • Without requiring any DLL or OCX

With SUIPack

We have over 2,000 customers who are using Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2 around world. The products below are developed with SUIPack by some of our customers.



Voice Caster



Password Generator
MP3 Player
eMailTouch Professional
DX JavaScript Editor
Swishsoft products
eSanSoft products
Dating Profile Creator products
dbf2sql & fonts

If you developed your products with SUIPack and want to show it here, let us know.

What customers say

  • This is the best implementation of skin/themes I have seen in a component!
  • We have a Delphi JavaScript interpreter. Well, I am writing our first Commercial version of the IDE, and with your components, it looks great! Very professional look and feel, and I am sure people will really be shocked to see such a nice JavaScript editor from our company. As we do not do much in the UI world. When I have the product done, and the new web site up and running, I would like to be a show-case for you. You made the hardest part of my development short, simple, and slick!! (I hate doing GUI!!). 🙂 — from Ozz Nixon, CEO Brain Patchwork DX, LLC.
  • Very nice solid and stable product at an incredibly low price. In my opinion, this is the only product that offers “professional” looking themes suitable for serious business or marketable applications. Some of the others from the competition are priced higher and look like they were designed for video games. Even though there is no substitute for good programming code, your product gives tired old applications a welcomed face lift.
  • Good software such as yours deserves to be recognized but I feel your product gives my applications a great advantage in the marketplace. — from Don
  • Very nice set of components. I am a registered user of XXXXEngine and I recommend SUIPack over XXXXEngine for speed and ease of use! — from Cory Herlihy
  • I’m happy I found your product. It will be very useful to me. — from Bjorn Lindholm

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  • Free distribute your application developed with SUIPack
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SkinBuilder tool

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