SUISkin for Delphi / C++Builder

The lastest version : 5.0, update date: 18 Jan. 2019, see what’s new
(Newly supports Delphi XE10.1 (Berlin), XE10.2 (Tokyo), XE10.3 (Rio),
fully supports Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2)

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SUISkin is the easiest-to-use VCL skin component for Delphi & C++Builder. It provides you the ability to make skin-supported application automatically. You will never spend many time on programming skin supports.

Using SUISkin, you don’t need to make any modification for your existing projects just drop the skin engine component onto the main form and set some properties, that’s all. It can skin all forms and dialogs automatically. And the skin files can be compiled into the EXE file so that you don’t need to distribute the skin files with the EXE. At run-time, you can switch the skins very easily and you can switch to unskinned easily too. Let’s say, just one component for one project!

SUISkin fully supports Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2 now. It means that you can use all skins of Skin Solutions v2. The professionally-UI-designed skins are mostly designed by our UI artists. Please note, we do not only provide the UI controls, but also UI design! You also can create your own skins with the brand new SkinBuilder tool.

These are snapshots of some skins:


For a view of all official skins and third-party skins, please go to Skins Library.

SUISkin is compatible with: RAD Studio XE3/XE2/XE/2010/2009/2007, BDS 2006 (including Turbo edition for Win32), Delphi 5/6/7/2005, C++Builder 5/6.
SUISkin supports all Win32 platforms (Win95 or later, including Windows 10).

If you are using RAD Studio 2007/2009/2010/XE/XE2/XE3, please disable the “runtime themes” option.

What about the support for third party controls?

SUISkin supports to skin the controls from third-paryt. We tested with:

DevExpress QuantumGrid, Raize Components, TMS Components, Toolbar 2000, Woll2Woll InfoPower, Spin, TurboPower Orpheus, SMImport/SMExport
RXLib, TntWare, RichView, SynEdit, Dream Outbar, JAM Software ShellBrowser

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What’s the difference between SUIPack and SUISkin?

SUISkin is the easiest way of making an application skinned. SUISkin provides only one component, you don’t need to learn anything about using it. It will make your form skinned automatically. SUISkin just skins the existing controls on the form both the standard controls and the most of third-party controls.

SUIPack is a WYSIWYG skin components package. It provides over 60 skin-supported GUI controls as well as 5 built-in skins. And it also provides some extended GUI controls, E.g. MSN-style popup window, non-rectangular forms, side channel, etc.

In a word, after installing, you can find only one component for SUISkin but more than
60 controls for SUIPack. And SUISkin can skin the controls from third-party but
SUIPack can’t.


This shows how SUISkin works – drop one component onto the main form and set some properties, that’s all. No coding and no more modifications.

Key features

  • Dozens of professionally-UI-designed official skins from UI artists and a lot of third-party skins
  • Easiest to use – Just one component for one application
  • Fully automatic – Skins all forms and all dialogs automatically
  • Make your existing project with skin easily
  • Supports third-party controls
  • Supports Docking forms
  • Supports BidiMode
  • No flicking
  • Switch from skin to unskin easily
  • Supports one or more skin files to be built into the EXE file
  • Provides SkinBuilder tool, with it which supports to load VisualStyle(*.msstyles) files, you can own thousands of skins now!
  • Fully MDI supported
  • Without requiring any DLL or OCX

With SUISkin

We have over 2,000 customers who are using Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2 around world. The products below are developed with SUISkin by some of our customers. If you have a product developed with SUISkin, and also want to show it at here, please just send it (the download link or the snapshots, etc) to us.


How to register

Registered user can get:

  • Free email supports
  • Free upgrades, you will never purchase it for upgrade
  • Free distribute your application developed with SUISkin
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SkinBuilder tool

To download the free SkinBuilder tool, please click here…
To learn how to create a skin, please click here…