Purchase IncUpdate

Registered user can get:

  • Free email supports
  • Lifetime free upgrades, you don’t need to purchase it for all upgrades
  • Free distribute the updater(update.exe) with your products

You can place an online order to order a license of IncUpdate (Secure order via PayPal).

The individual developer license allows one individual developer/shareware author use IncUpdate for his own product on his own PC.
The corporation license allows to use IncUpdate for all products of a firm, a company or a corporation on all computers of one location (city) of a company.
The global license allows all branches of a global corporation to use IncUpdate.

Click here to read the License Agreement.

After purchased, you will get a file named key.dat.
Just place it into the directory where you installed IncUpdate (E.g. C:\Program files\IncUpdate), the registration will be completed.

If you ordered a license from a local dealer/reseller, please write an email to support@sunisoft.com to make a confirmation for your license. This can ensure that the license is verified and available, and you can get the support/free upgrade services from us.

Any problem with payment, or you need to wire transfer to purchase, please contact us at: support@sunisoft.com