Purchase SUIPack

Registered user can get:

  • Free email supports
  • Free upgrades, you will never purchase it for upgrade
  • Free distribute your application developed with SUIPack

You can place an online order to order a license of SUIPack via PayPal.

The professional edition includes all source code of the component, but it doesn’t include the source code of SkinBuilder.

The individual developer license allows only one developer use our product on his own PC.
The corporation license allows you to use this software on all personal computers of one location (city) of a company.
The global license allows all branches of a global corporation to use this software.

Click here to read the License Agreement.

If you ordered a license from a local dealer/reseller, please write an email to support@sunisoft.com to make a confirmation for your license. This can ensure that the license is verified and available, and you can get the support/free upgrade services from us.

Any problem with payment, or you need to wire transfer to purchase, please contact us at: support@sunisoft.com.