Skin third-party controls

Directly supported controls

The third-party controls which are inherited from the .NET framework controls can be skinned automatically.
Others, we tested and may offer DLLs to support them to be skinned automatically.

DLL-supported controls

Infragistics NetAdvantage v5.3
Infragistics NetAdvantage 2006 v6.3
Infragistics NetAdvantage 2007 v7.1
Infragistics NetAdvantage 2008 v8.1
ComponentOne Studio Enterprise v2.0
(This list will be increased constantly)

For these controls, we offer two DLLs for each. E.g. IrisSkin_NetAdvantage53Win.dll, IrisSkin2_NetAdvantage53Win.dll for Infragistics NetAdvantage v5.3.
You can download them from our website. To use the DLL files, just copy them to the runtime directory, and set the Enable3rdControl property of the SkinEngine component to ‘true’. Please note, IrisSkin_XXXX.DLL is designed for IrisSkin.DLL(For VisualStudio.NET 2002/2003), IrisSkin2_XXXX.DLL is designed for IrisSkin2.DLL(For VisualStudio.NET 2005/2008).


Other controls

You also can get the skin definition via the GetColor method of TsuiSkinEngine to adjust the appearance of the controls:
Public System.Color GetColor(string key);
The definitions of the Key are defined in class Sunisoft.IrisSkin.Consts.

Key Means
SKIN2_CONTROLBORDERCOLOR The color of the control border
SKIN2_TITLEFONTCOLOR The color of the caption on titlebar
SKIN2_FORMCOLOR The color of the form background
SKIN2_LEFTBARSTARTCOLOR The color of the left-side menu bar
…… ……